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This site has been developed by Greg O’Hanlon at the School of Arts and Humanities, Ulster University. It is primarily intended as a resource for third-level educators and students where it is hoped it will encourage further discussion on the central matters raised, and in turn foster a wider awareness of the online environment. While the focus of this site is Facebook, we should also recognise that Google, Amazon and Apple raise related questions in terms of privacy and data profiling.

At this point in time Facebook is the leading social network and its application within higher education is widespread. The application may not be endorsed by course teams, however, if every student in a class or programme is connected, and every student is discussing their progress, sharing resources, and providing peer support, then whether or not the application is being utilised officially is surely meaningless?

Facebook’s business model and its potential to impact behaviour through operant conditioning presents a multifaceted challenge for educators, and society at large.

    Though every effort has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date resources, this subject is dynamic and contingent upon respective terms of service, privacy policies and national regulations. The site’s footer indicates the date of the most recent update.

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